Graffiti 3.0 The Final Battle in Singapore

G3.0 will be the crowning glory to top off the grandest ZUMBA TRILOGY of all time!
It will be THE FINAL BATTLE!!!

For many years now, we have watched ZES Loretta Bates in videos, being on the biggest international Zumba stages, looking gorgeous and powerful on dozens of media promotions of Zumba, conducting courses to hundreds all over the world and modelling all our hottest Zumba wear. Well… the wait is finally over!
Be prepared to FALL IN LOVE!

Also… not to disappoint die-hard fans of the totally unreal, dynamic and dramatic LIVE LOVE PARTY Team, we are super thrilled to rock your world like never before with ZES Prince, ZJ Marlex, together with their Queen of Dance, ZIN Madelle.  Be prepared to feel the ground shake beneath your dancing shoes!

Saturday March 19th 4pm- 6pm
OCBC Arena at The Sports Hub, SINGAPORE
Registration begins at 3pm. Party starts at 4pm.

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